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Pre-Hockey Level 3-4

Pre-Hockey Levels 3 & 4


Fall Registration Information Coming Soon

The Pre-Hockey Program is a continuation of the Learn To Skate Program, in that it reinforces the skating skills learned in Levels 1, and 2 while introducing puck handling, passing and shooting.  Target age is 5-8 years old. 

Level 3: Forward stroking/strides, Forward pumps (R/L), Forward crossovers (R/L), Backward Snowplow Stop; 2-foot Ski Slalom (Intro to edgework)

Level 4: Backward skating, Backward pumps (R/L), Backward crossovers (R/L), Forward to Backward 2-foot turn (CW/CCW), Intro to Hockey Stops

​​​​​Equipment Requirements:  Players should be wearing full pads on the ice (see below).  Skates and helmets are available to rent at the Mount Prospect Ice Arena.

  • HECC certified hockey helmet with face mask
  • Elbow pads and shin guards
  • Hockey gloves
  • Hockey pants
  • Shoulder pads
  • Hockey skates
  • Hockey stick

Fall Registration Information Coming Soon

Mount Prospect Ice Arena